As a general contractor specializing in high end residential projects I
frequently need specialized painting and finishing services.  I thank
my lucky stars the day I met Randy Davis. He has done intricate floor
painting, faux marble walls and furniture and stunning tromp l’oeil
walls and ceilings. He is not only a fantastic artist but is very professional
and a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Skip Broom – President H.P. Broom – Housewright Inc. Hadlyme,CT

Dear Randy, we absolutely love our mural. It is the focal point in our home. It adds such warmth. Thank you so much for your commitment to detail and patience. The time you spent in creating our vision is so appreciated. You are awesome to work with and such an accomplished artist.       Linda & Michael B. Chester CT

Ten years ago Randy created 3 beautiful murals in our home for our kids. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was extremely professional,  patiently working with us to create our vision. He is an incredible artist and it was inspiring just to watch him work.  There is no limit to what he can do.   Jane and Alan Westport, CT

I met Randy Davis several years ago at a network group meeting and was so impressed with his portfolio that I came back to my store, Land Rover Guilford and looked to see where I could show off his talent.  He met me at the store and discussed a mural that would incorporate our products and their history in an environment that Land Rovers are accustomed to driving.  His work is such a wonderful addition to the store, and working with Randy was a pleasure.  After Randy completed the mural, we worked together on an addition to my house.  I had added a garage to my renovated 1900’s Cape, and wanted to build carriage doors to accentuate the charm of this old house.  Randy told me that he could paint the doors tromp l’oeil to look like carriage doors, so I could  have the look I wanted, but the convenience of an overhead door.  His work totally “fools the eye” in that people stop by to look at these replicated carriage doors, with the knots, the aged wood, the blacksmith hardware handles and hinges, but most of all, the look and wear of time gone by.

Randy’s talent and personality go hand in hand.  He is a genius with a brush and because he loves what he does, his ability to put your artistic dream and imagination on a wall, ceiling or anywhere is totally amazing.  His work is second to none and I would highly recommend Randy to visit your home or business.

Susan Weidman, Guilford Land Rover



We have had the pleasure of working with Randy on two separate occasions in our home.  The first project was a huge painting over a wine rack/cabinet that is a view of a winery in Tuscany.  You actually feel as if you are sitting under the vines enjoying the view.  Randy is extremely talented, energetic, and easy to work with.  We visited his art studio at his home and were able to see personally how incredibly gifted he truly is.  The second project Randy completed for us recently was a painted tile piece under a large hood in our newly renovated kitchen.  His expertise is truly amazing!  He returned to our home several times with sketches, tiles, and even sealed the artwork after it was installed by our fabricator, so the painted tiles wouldn’t stain from cooking.  He has exceeded all of our expectations, and we would not hesitate to use him again on other projects.  Our new kitchen now has a spectacular focal point, thanks to Randy.

Michael and Cathy  Guilford CT



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